The Bulletin (‘Newsletter’) originates from reports of the sittings of the Commission, which initially appeared in the columns of the Moniteur Belge. As of 1837, the Commission decided to publish their own periodical digest entitled ‘Compte rendu des séances de la Commission royale d’Histoire ou Recueil de ses Bulletins (‘Report of the sitting of the Royal History Commission or digest of its newsletters’). In 1903, the title was shortened and became Bulletin de la Commission royale d’Histoire (‘Newsletter of the Royal History Commission’). As of the jubilee volume of 1936 (Volume C), the title became bilingual: Bulletin de la Commission royale d’Histoire – Handelingen van de Koninklijke Commissie voor Geschiedenis.

Volume I includes the reports of the sittings from 4 August 1834 to 5 July 1837.
It appears as a second edition in 1844.

In the following volumes, there is no match between the dates of the sittings stated in the Bulletin and the year of publication mentioned on the title page. Moreover, the publication is divided into series, five in total, of unequal lengths, and each with its own volume numbering. The first ended after the death of Reiffenberg in 1850 and once Gachard took over the positions of both secretary and treasurer. The building of tables of contents of the volumes published provided the opportunity to inaugurate a second series.

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