Partnership - National

Universiteit Gent

An agreement has been concluded with this university with a view to producing a new software program to improve performance as regards the consultation of the Narrative Sources database. It lists the narrative sources of the Netherlands in mediaeval times (Prof. Jeroen Deploige and Guy De Tré).

Université libre de Bruxelles

The preparation to edit the Acts of the Dukes of Brabant (Prof. Alain Dierkens and M. David Guilardian) is continuing.

State Archives in Belgium / Société pour le Progrès des Etudes philologiques et historiques

The Royal Historical Commission has concluded a partnership with both institutions to continue the Bibliography of the History of Belgium.

Partnership - International

Monumenta paleographica Medii Aevi

The Monumenta Paleographica Medii Aevi is a European venture, sponsored by the International Academic Union.
Belgium’s two Scientific Academies, the Royal Academy of Sciences, Literature, and Fine Arts of Belgium, and the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, made a suggestion. They proposed that the Commission, given its experience and expertise, should take scientific responsibility for the Series Belgica.

A subcommittee of the Royal Historical Commission therefore officiates as the Belgian section of this project. It is composed of our fellow colleagues Thérèse de Hemptinne, Jean-Louis Kupper and Walter Prevenier. The person replacing the late Pierre Cockshaw has yet to be named.

Featuring among the envisaged projects is the editing of certificates of authenticity regarding the relics of saints.