The Royal Historical Commission was founded by royal decree on 22nd July 1834. As outlined in the regulations of its organisational structure established on 1st April 1976, "its task is to research, identify, edit and analyse written sources which are of interest to the history of Belgium, and to publish critical studies relating to these sources, as well as to provide working tools for historians.".

Every year since 1845, the Commission has published a Bulletin which contains scientific contributions it has selected. The Commission "is authorised to publish elsewhere and, in any form deemed appropriate, scientific articles which cannot be included in the report". It has thus created several series which reflect its publishing policies.
Details of the contents of each series, a summary of the most recent reports and subscription procedures are outlined in the list of publications.

Nationale Loterij





New publications

C 26

Christine Renardy

Le Livre des morts du Neufmoustier à Huy 1130-1787, Bruxelles, Commission royale d'Histoire, 2017, 270 p. (ISBN 978-2-87044-015-5) (Collection grand in-8°, C26).- Summary

Patricia Van den Eeckhout & Guy Vanthemsche, eds.

Sources pour l’étude de la Belgique contemporaine, 19e-21e siècle, Bruxelles, Commission royale d'Histoire, 2017, 2 vol., 1844 p. (ISBN: 978-2-87044-014-8; prix: 64 €). - Summary

Bulletin de la Commision royale d'Histoire, 2016 (182), 419 p.

  • Mario Damen, Prelaten, edelen en steden. De samenstelling van de Staten van Brabant in de vijftiende eeuw, p. 5-274. - Summary

  • Sara Moens, Guibert de Gembloux's « De destructione monasterii Gemblacensis ». Literary Legacy and Issues of Authorship Against the Backdrop of the Decline of Traditional Monasticism, p. 275-301. - Summary

Alain Lottin

"L'Héraclée flamen et catholicque" par Frère Jean De Le Barre, religieux du monastère de la bienheureuse Vierge Marie à Loos-Lez-Lille. Tome 1: La guerre entre la France et l'Espagne et en Europe (1636-1649), Bruxelles, Commision royale d'Histoire, 2017, 371 p. (ISBN: 978-2-87044-012-4) - Summary